LabXIV … appealed to our predilection for forward thinking takes on classic synth tropes … [they] deftly tread the line between the sterility of mid-eighties EBM and post-industrial and the melody and warmth of classic electropop … the project is set to join their fellow artists in the burgeoning Los Angeles synth scene in the international spotlight.

– ID:UD’s Dozen: Acts You Should Know

Following up the labXIV 12″ release, Coredark Records has released an extended digital version with alternate tracks, extended mixes, and remixes by producers such as Tom Shear (Assemblage 23) and Phillip Muench.

The video for “Without A Friend” was created in the spring of 2012 by the resident coredark production team. Soon thereafter, labXIV collaborated on a new mix with Scott Milton of The Present Moment; the result was “Without A Friend – the Present Moment cut.” While the band had not officially made its debut at this time, the videos and early tracks attracted attention from independent labels in the US and Europe. In the summer of 2012, plans were made to release a limited edition 12″ on the new coredark boutique label.

The 12″ was released in September 2012, and features 6 songs from the labXIV project. The digital release, scheduled for March 2014, includes additional tracks and remixes.