New Dark Synthpop Releases from Coredark Records

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The Coredark Records store launches with new dark synthpop and electro releases, and announces a special extremely limited edition version of The Present Moment’s CRUEL.

The Present Moment (TPM) and labXIV (“lab fourteen”) are electronic bands exploring genres that may be described as synthpop, darkwave, minimal, EBM, and post-industrial with gothic influences. The two bands toured Europe together in 2012 – now, with an event at LA’s Echo club in April 2014, TPM, labXIV, and Coredark Records celebrated two new releases:

CRUELThe much-anticipated follow-up to Loyal To A Fault and The High Road, Coredark Records presents The Present Moment’s CRUEL. The new 12” vinyl release on Coredark brings together Milton Scott with producer Ross Totino and explores new musical territory while retaining the songwriting for which TPM is known.

“Right out of the gate, Cruel is imbued with a lush melancholia which stands in stark opposition to the stripped down bounce of Loyal To A Fault, even if the synthpop structures and melodies underlying each aren’t that far removed. “
“Freud and others didn’t spend countless hours ruminating on the uncanny, that haunting threshold between the familiar and the alien for no reason. Hearing a new release by a favourite band that’s “similar…but different” is never tiring because each artist has as many avenues of difference from their own work as they do from the work of others … Cruel continues to deliver everything which we’ve ever celebrated The Present Moment for, with unfamiliar familiarity.” – I Die You Die

Nine tracks of new dark electronic music from Los Angeles now available at Coredark Direct and Bandcamp.

CRUEL limited editionOn June 15, Coredark Records will make available ten copies of a special extremely limited edition of the CRUEL 12″ on blue vinyl, in a laser-cut polycarbonate/MDF package, designed and fabricated by Coredark in downtown Los Angeles. Each copy will be numbered and will include a 12″ mini-poster autographed by the members of the band.

This edition will be highly collectible and will be priced accordingly – but Coredark is setting aside one copy, number 1 of 10, to be given away to a member of the extended Coredark community. One person will be randomly selected from the following lists: the Coredark Records mailing list (sign up at the Coredark store or on Facebook), Coredark Twitter followers (@coredark), and the Coredark Facebook community. This person will receive the first edition copy, shipped anywhere in the world for free.
Update (15 June 14): Pre-orders can be made as of today. Special edition blue vinyl packages will be fabricated and delivered in July 2014. Giveaway decision will be announced on July 15 and shipped by the end of July.

labXIV“LabXIV … appealed to our predilection for forward thinking takes on classic synth tropes … [they] deftly tread the line between the sterility of mid-eighties EBM and post-industrial and the melody and warmth of classic electropop … the project is set to join their fellow artists in the burgeoning Los Angeles synth scene in the international spotlight.”-ID:UD’s Dozen: Acts You Should Know

The digital release of the labXIV debut includes extended mixes, remixes, and previously unreleased tracks. Contributing producers include Tom Shear (Assemblage 23) and Phillip Muench.

This release is also available through Coredark Direct and Bandcamp, as 180g 12″ vinyl, and digital download.

Planning for a European tour (with selected dates in the Americas) for The Present Moment and labXIV is underway to support the recent releases, targeting fall 2014. For more information, or to let us know if you want The Present Moment and labXIV to come to your city, contact Coredark.


Coredark is a new collective, based in downtown LA, that makes records and films – with music production, video production, and design all happening “in house.” It can be described as a DIY operation – run by artists for artists … “so we can produce and distribute our work on our own terms.”

Coredark Direct, the Coredark Records “factory store” officially opened in May 2014.

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blue 180g vinyl in laser cut polycarbonate/MDF package

The Present Moment CRUEL special edition – blue 180g vinyl in laser cut polycarbonate/MDF package

TPM/labXIV European Tour

TPM/labXIV European Tour – Simon O of labXIV and Milton Scott of TPM

The Present Moment: CRUEL

The Present Moment: CRUEL

labXIV digital release cover

labXIV digital release cover

The Present Moment - CRUEL - poster image

The Present Moment – CRUEL – poster image