5. Coredark: Hollywood Archives

This 20-song collection is currently available only as a digital download at Coredark Bandcamp store.

Product Description

It was the first decade of the new millennium, and the darkwave, gothic, and industrial communities of Los Angeles were enjoying what was arguably the golden era of their “scene.” The epicenter was Hollywood, where there was at least one dark club every night of the week, with mainstays like Bar Sinister and Malediction Society (and a bit to the south, Das Bunker) holding down the weekends.

It was a celebratory and decadent time: club nights were true events, with dancers, musicians, and artists creating unique and original spectacles. And of course everyone dressed the part; indeed the fashion designers themselves, from local purveyors like Shrine and Lip Service, were often in attendance (the models from their catalogs, as well).

Into this environment arrived two musicians who would go on to start The Present Moment and labXIV to some level of international recognition – but in the meantime they’d be working out of a dingy studio less than a block from Hollywood and Vine, playing the local club circuit, and creating an impressive portfolio of dark electronic music – music heard on the stage and the dance floor at Bar Sinister, at performances at Malediction Society, and elsewhere in the Los Angeles scene in those days … but otherwise, outside the City of Angels, virtually unknown … until now.

We’ve unearthed this collection of demos, soundtracks, remixes and studio recordings from this era; we offer this 20-track collection (with no minimum price) as a gift to the Coredark community – enjoy and share!


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