2. labXIV – debut album 12″ vinyl


Presented in black 180g vinyl. Manufactured in the Netherlands.

Includes “Without A Friend” and “Supergods”:

An extended digital release of this album is also available.

The extended digital release of this album is also available at the Coredark Bandcamp store.

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Product Description

LabXIV … appealed to our predilection for forward thinking takes on classic synth tropes … [they] deftly tread the line between the sterility of mid-eighties EBM and post-industrial and the melody and warmth of classic electropop … the project is set to join their fellow artists in the burgeoning Los Angeles synth scene in the international spotlight.- ID:UD’s Dozen: Acts You Should Know

The 12″ debut from labXIV includes the following tracks:

1. Without a Friend
2. Mirror
3. Pigstick
4. Supergods
5. Turn Me On
6. Doorway