4. labXIV – Extended Digital Release


The digital release of the debut labXIV album includes extended mixes, remixes and alternate tracks. This album is offered as a download of 320mbps .mp3 files and uncompressed .wav audio.

Download the lyrics and liner notes (6 MB).

Contributing producers include Tom Shear (Assemblage 23) and Phillip Muench.

This album is also available at the Coredark Bandcamp store.

Written and Produced by Simon O
Digital Release Mastered by Jeff Swearengin at Ritual Systems

SKU: CDV-14-D.

Product Description

Track listing:

1. Without A Friend (Extended Mix) 04:46
2. Mirror (12″ mix) 05:04
3. Supergods (Extended Mix) 06:08
4. Turn Me On (12″ Mix) 04:57
5. Doorway (Rorshach Garden Mix) 04:55
6. Pigstick (Extended Mix) 05:41
7. Without A Friend (Alacrity Mix) 05:06
8. Thursday’s End (A23 Mix) 06:51
9. Synchronicity Engine 02:51
10. Doorway (Original Mix) 05:32


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