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1. The Present Moment – CRUEL 12″ vinyl


The new record from The Present Moment.
Nine new tracks from the Los Angeles dark synth project.
Offered in 180g black vinyl.

Download the lyrics and liner notes (5 MB).

Includes “General Relief” and “Cruel”:

This album is also available at the Coredark Bandcamp store.

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Product Description

“Right out of the gate, Cruel is imbued with a lush melancholia which stands in stark opposition to the stripped down bounce of Loyal To A Fault, even if the synthpop structures and melodies underlying each aren’t that far removed. “ – I Die You Die

1. Intro
2. Love of Money
3. No Surprises
4. General Relief
5. Cruel
6. Inhabitants
7. Shallow
8. Intemperate
9. Battle to Crawl

Written and Produced by Milton Scott and Ross Totino
Produced and Recorded at Collision Studios L.A by Ross Totino and Milton Scott
Mastered by Jeff Swearengin at Ritual Systems

Additional Information

Studio Gear

Instruments: FOC System 66 Modular Synthesizer Alesis Andromeda Waldorf Microwave I with custom software Yamaha fs1r Yamaha SG200 guitar Sequential Circuits Prophet 600 Fender Chroma Polaris Fender Precision Bass Effects: Eventide H3500 DFX-Sampling Eventide H949 Deltalab Effectron x2 Ibanez HD1500 Lexicon PCM 91 Dynacord VRS 23 Roland SBF-325 Tascam RS-20 Helios_1R Empirical Labs EL7 Electro-Harmonix Micro Synthesizer Line 6 POD X3 Software: Logic Pro 9 Bias Peak NI Reaktor NI Kontakt NI Guitar Rig iZotope RX Celemony Melodyne Propellerhead Reason FXpansion BFD2 FXpansion Amber/Cypher/Strobe Microphone: Shure SM7